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A Poem for You

Magnetic Poetry® on a Pizza Pan
While Gingerbread Bakes and Hot Tea Steeps

By Shelly Francis

create fragile chaos
touch, breathe, suffer
believe happy energy.
inspire, wait
nourish positive wisdom.
accept disease journey.
(better laugh about beauty)
birth balance.

kind mind was inner pill
to bear a bad day.
soothing serenity.
love, live, light.
see joy on care path.
heal dark truths,
trust every wish.

we were here from before time and said I do.
this challenge between they-ness and my soul
I give freely to and of myself.
I did this for growing,
but will we make gift hard?
only blue tears I surrendered.

how will treatment transform him?
begin the possible medicine.
gentle friend, eat my skin.
cycle, suffer, recover
safe weary spirit
feel doubt. bless it.
know good compassion.

pray out ‘why’ when you
are up some night.
question eternity.
welcome grace.

could courage recover?
must value our hope more than health.
encourage awareness.
life, being a play,
choice always present.
have new strong body,
heart still mending.
remember gratitude.
sustain change.
peace flows
                       like faith.

(P.S. Delicious gingerbread. Cold tea.)

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